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Proserve Cranes are delighted to become distributors of the top quality range of Kito manual, lever and electric hoists.

Manufactured in Japan to the highest standards Kito hoists give unrivaled performance and reliability.

From 250kg lever, manual and electric hoists to 20 ton electric hoists, the Kito range has customisable models for a range of applications; with features such as nickel plated load chains and warranties of up to 10 years on some parts, Kito hoists will keep your downtime and lifetime costs to a minimum.


Electric Chain Hoist - ED Model


From 60kg to 480kg, standard HOL 3m ED model, 1.8m EDC modelKito Electric Chain Hoist

Compact, light weight, fast, reliable

Aluminium gearbox

Weather and corrosion resistant

Adjustable speed via potentiometer

230v 50hz single phase

Plain, geared or mini trolley






PDF Brochure Kito ED Series


Electric Chain Hoist - ER2 Model


From 125kg to 20 ton

3 years product warranty, 10 years brake system warranty (condtions apply)

Frequency invertor technology for exact load positioning

Electromagnetic brake

400v 50 hz

500v Contactor control

230v 50/60 hz 3 phase




Frequency invertor for 2 speeds

Carbon friction clutch

Upper lower limit switch







PDF Brochure Kito ER2 Series

Manual Chain Hoist - CX Model


250kg, standard 2.5m HOL

Aluminium body, net weight 2.4kg

Overload limiter

Small chain pitch for precise lifting movements



PDF Brochure Kito CX Series

Manual Chain Hoist - CF Model


From 500kg to 3 ton, standard 3m HOL

Die-cast aluminium body

Double casing

Precise gear mechanism










PDF Brochure Kito CF Series


Manual Chain Hoist - SHB Model

Short headroom geared trolley hoist

From 1 ton to 10 ton, 3m - 3.5m HOL

Double enclosures to protect against dust and water

Shock resistent gear case

Efficient drive train means minimal manual effort

PDF Brochure Kito SHB Series



Manual Chain Hoist - CB Model

From 500kg to 50 ton, 3m - 3.5m HOL

Double casing for dust protection, impact proof gear casing, precise gear mechanism


Options include:  Trolleys, overload limiter, chain bucket

PDF Brochure Kito CB Series


Lever Hoist - LX Model


250kg or 500kg, standard 1.5m HOL

Aluminium body

Lightweight and compact - only 1.7kg net weight

Guards against accidental freewheeling under load

Smooth geared mechanism, 2mm lift per click

Optional carry case











PDF Brochure Kito LX Series


Lever Hoist - LB Model


From 800kg to 9 ton, standard 1.5m HOL

Unique freewheel chain adjusting mechanism

Lightweight and compact

Guards against accidental freewheeling under load

Smooth geared mechanism












PDF Brochure Kito LB Series




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Tel: +353 (0)1 247 9199 (this number is monitored 24 hours for service/breakdown)