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Used Lifting Equipment For Sale


We have a constantly changing stock of used hoists and other used lifting equipment and can source used equipment on request.

All our used lifting equipment is checked by our technicians and is supplied in good working order. Prices are for purchase only but we can provide a price for purchase, installation and load testing where applicable.

Electric Chain Hoists

We also supply a full range of new electric hoists (both wire rope and chain) from a range of manufacturers at very competetive prices.

Manufacturer   Voltage   SWL      HOL    Condition    Price ex VAT

GIS                   380v        250kg    4m      Good          €400 SOLD

Kone                 380v        250kg    3m     Good           €400 SOLD

Morris               380v        125kg     3m     Good          €300

Tiger                 110v       1000kg    3m     V/Good      €600 SOLD


Demag               400v       1000kg   3m     Excellent     €8,500

This is one of a pair of overhead cranes, structural steel included.
Freestanding crane structure complete with two electric overhead travelling cranes
Two Demag electric overhead travelling cranes SWL 1 Ton
Top rail running
Height of lift 3 meters
Each crane has 1 Demag electric chain hoist 2 speed hoisting and travel
Electric long travel two speed Demag drives and end carriages
Crane beams manufactured by Demag
The cranes come complete with steel work 18 meters long x 6 meters wide and electrical system for the cranes



Demag                400v        2000kg    6m     V/Good      €1,500 Used Lifting Equipment

Two identical units available - €2,800 fpr the pair   SOLD
SWL 2 Tons on two falls of chain
Height of lift 6 meters
Hoisting 2 speeds
Travel single speed
Outdoor rated 400 volt
Pendant controlled low voltage 110 volts
Trolleys will go on a monorail beam up to 310 mm flange




SWF                     400v         250kg    3m       Excellent   €550 Used Equipment

One of a pair, the other is with the freestanding jib crane below    SOLD
SWL 250 kgs single fall
3 meter height of lift
Pendant controlled



SWF                     400v         250kg    3m       Excellent   €2,300 with Jib Crane

Pictures to follow - this jib includes one of the SWF hoists as above

Freestanding over-braced pillar jib crane complete with electric chain hoist SOLD
SWL 250 kgs
Overall Height 3300 mm
Lifting height 3000 mm
Radius 3000 mm
Degree of slew 120 degrees
Comes with Hoist SWF Krantechnik 2 speed single fall 400 volt pendant controlled on trolley
Minimum concrete thickness required 200 mm fixed to floor using anchor bolts


Morris                  400v         125kg    3m       Good   €300

Hoist Morris 2 speed single fall 400 volt eye suspension
SWL 125 kgs single fall
3 meter height of lift
Pendant controlled


Demag                                   3.2 ton   7.5m   Good   €12,000

Demag electric overhead travelling crane.  Top rail running SWL 3.2 ton, 22 metre span.Demag 3.2 ton
Two speeds all motions, pendant controlled.
The crane is a Demag single box girder design with the hoist running on the bottom flange of the box girder.
The hoist is a Demag DH 168 H12 four fall low headroom wire rope hoist, height of lift 7.5m.
Included in the price is 50m of Demag DCL 35 amp bus bar and brackets.
The crane comes complete with approximately 50m of girders and rails for the long travel - no upright beams are
included in sale).
The spans for the runway beams are 7 x 6m and 1 x 4m




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