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Crane and Lifting Equipment Inspection

We quote for repairs of any problems and provide full inspection reports and certificates

Proserve Cranes have techicians who are fully qualified to inspect, report on and certify the following:

We provide a quality crane inspection and lifting equipment inspection service at intervals and times designed to minimise the downtime of equipment for clients.  We are happy to conduct inspections at times best suited to clients including evenings and weekends.

All our inspections result in hand written reports and inspection certificates as well as inspection results being entered into our Online Equipment Database and PDF certificates being generated.

As part of the inspection process minor tasks such as brake adjustments are included in the price.  Any repairs or issues found are relayed to the customer and photographs or video taken, where appropriate, and recorded in our Online Equipment Database.

Regular inspections can be automatically notified to the customer via our Online Equipment Database and using this system clients can see exactly when inspections are due and tailor dates to suit production downtime.

Our inspection and audit program is designed to review your lifting systems and to report parts that are worn or do not meet certain safety specifications. We can provide you, upon request, a quotation to repair any problems and/or replace any worn parts found.

Following the inspection, our fully trained service technician will need to meet with you to review the audit. During this review, our technician will notify you of any item(s) that could render your equipment unsafe to operate, discuss any recommended repairs and have you sign the inspection job sheet and . This review is an important aspect of our services to you. It enables us to provide you with any important information immediately and ensures that you are aware of any safety concerns discovered during the audit.

The results of inspections are available online 24/7 to customers through our Online Equipment Database.  Customers can review any recomended repairs and schedule the jobs to suit their requirements.  Inspection reports and certificates can be viewed, printed or downloaded as required.


The following is an example of the inspection procedure for an overhead gantry crane that our technicians will follow. Inspections can be tailored to suit a customers requirements.

  • All wheels are given a visual check. Signs of wear on flanges, tread and bearings are all noted. Cause of any wear is determined. They will be lubricated if needed.
  • Structural connections of the bridge to end carriages will be checked. Status and location of any discrepancies will be brought to the customer’s attention. Cracks in welds at the haunch or in the steel will be noted. Customer will be notified of any problems which will also be recorded in a report.
  • For sheaves and sheave gearings, a gauge is used to determine wear (if any) in the sheaves or if groove marks from wire are showing on the sheave. Bushings are checked visually.
  • On the bottom block, the sheave bearing case, the hook, spread nut and thrust washer are all checked. The hook is checked for wear, loss of material of 10% or more and or cracks.
  • On motors and couplings, oil levels are checked if applicable, loose or missing bolts noted, and the general condition of brushes, rotor wear and seals are all checked and recorded if issues are identified.  All brakes and air gaps will be checked and adjusted.
  • The technician will check all controls in electric panel boxes. Contactors etc will be inspected visually if possible and noted if problematic.
  • In depth inspection will be performed on suspected problem areas identified by the customer prior to the formal inspection.
  • All brakes, pads, discs etc are checked and listed as either satisfactory, requiring immediate attention or in unacceptable condition.
  • Wire rope is checked visually and diameter measured.
  • When inspecting controls, joy stick covers are opened up and checked for wear. All operational functions and operational controls are tested. Radio controls are operated in all modes and checked for any discrepancies in control box and controller. The antenna is also inspected.
  • For cab controlled cranes, fire extinguishers and all safety related items are checked. Technicians will ensure that all controls operate correctly without removing covers if possible.
  • The condition and working order of all buttons on pendants are noted. Technicians ensure that all buttons are legible, there is no strain on the cord and the light and/or horn are in safe condition.


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