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We supply a large range of different slings, rigging and lifting equipment.

Proserve Cranes stocks and sells a full range of lifting slings - with custom lifting slings are available upon request. Our vans contain a range of stock for sale and on site repairs. We also supply quality crane scales from the German manufacturer Kern.

All slings supplied are EU manufactured to the appropriate EU standards and are supplied with individual test certificates.

WEB SLINGS (Simplex, Duplex, Quadplex and Endless).

We offer webbing slings from 0.5 Tonne to 40 Tonne SWL (Safe Working Load straight lift).  Manufactured from 100% polyester fibres (PES), our web sling products cover sling types from endless to quadplex.  Web slings are for general purpose lifting and the width of the webbing contributes to both a stable and safe lift.  Web slings can be fitted with reeveable and non-reeveable steel end fittings (Grade 80) upon request.


Round slings with a safe working loads up to 10 Tons (7:1 Safety factor) on a straight lift.  Available up to 20 Meter effective length (40 meter circumference).  All slings have SWL printed on the sleeve and have one stripe per ton on the circumference.  All slings are colour coded for easy identification.  Wear sleeves are available upon request for added protection at load points.  Round slings are lighter and more versatile than wire rope or chain slings.


Safe working loads from 1 Ton up to 150 Tons.  All web slings above 10 Tons SWL are manufactured using a Techlon sleeve.  This enables manufacture up to 150 Tons SWL with the confidence that the sleeve will not be compromised under normal lifting conditions.  For abnormal load conditions e.g. sharp edges on steel the sling can be protected using the Ultralift range of protection.


The coil sling is a new and patented development made with Dyneema fibre specifically designed to handle heavy steel coils with sharp edges.  To lift the steel coils the round sling has been designed with a special cover with extremely high cut resistance, making it un-necessary to use extra protection.  Because of the light weight properties of the ultralift coil sling this helps reduce work related injuries from lifting and rigging heavy wire rope slings.


Proserve Cranes carries the Kuplex brand of chain slings.  Kuplex is the market leader in chain slings. Excellence of design and high standards of quality have gained Kuplex an unrivalled reputation for versatility and reliability. Kuplex is readily available from our stock. Working from stocks of chain and components, it takes only a few minutes to assemble a sling precisely in accordance with the needs of the customer.  Custom chain slings can be assembled and repairs can be performed from Kuplex stock carried in our service technicians vans.

Call or email our sales department to get a competitive quote for any of your sling requirements.

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